RMA: Request Form & Status Check

Welcome to RMA Request Form & Status Check page. Here you can request your RMA to return the merchandise you purchased from us, as well as to check the status of your RMA.

How It Works

Step 1: Fill Out RMA Form
Fill out the RMA Form. Most fields are required. You may also state particular concern in the comment box. If you fill out incorrectly, or provide wrong codes, you will see the error messages specifying what went wrong. Please make corrections and resubmit. Do not resubmit twice if you already received your RMA number, as it will considerably delay processing of your request. If something went wrong, please call our customer service for the corrections.

Step 2: Verify the Confirmation & Ship the Product
When you submit the RMA form correctly, you will instantly receive your RMA number from us. This confirms your RMA request was received successfully by us. Print the RMA Form, cut the bottom part (RMA label), attach the label in the return box, and ship it to us. Keep the RMA form or write down your RMA number somewhere you can remember later.

Step 3: Check your RMA Status
After you return the product, you can check your RMA status in this same page. You'll need to enter your RMA number and email address to check the status of your RMA.

RMA Form

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Check RMA Status

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Forgot my RMA

If you don't remember your RMA No., enter your email address and click Send my RMA. You'll receive an email shortly with your RMA No.